Sophia S

Our trainer Jen Donn is THE ABSOLUTE BEST (we had her throughout Puppy Kindergarten and private training classes as well). She is warm, caring, amazingly good at what she does and a total puppy guru. She went absolutely above and beyond and I cannot recommend her enough. Louie connected with her immediately and it has been wonderful to see his progress with all of Jen's tips and tricks. She cares so much about dogs and we will forever be grateful to her for everything she has done for us and our puppy!!!

Sara M

We've had such a lovely experience with Jennifer Donn. She has boundless energy and patience for the puppies. I've never seen anything like it. Always clear, kind, professional with a sunny disposition. Super knowledgeable and thoughtful. We LOVE Jen - we've already recommended her to friends who have been just as happy as we are. Jen is definitely the go to dog trainer. I'm telling everyone!

Alex S

Jennifer Donn is the trainer to be working with. She knows what she is doing and has trained our little guy to be such a star! We cannot say enough good things about Jen.

Raj R

Simply the best. We had a naughty little child that came into our lives. Jen turned the pup into a well-behaved young dog that is a joy to be around. We are considering asking Jen to move in with us :) Thank you Jen!

Marilyn H

Jen communicated and demonstrated the training so skillfully and simply, making it easy to execute in class and then practice at home. She has connected and commanded the respect and attention of our pup - she gets him to really focus and we see so much improvement in his attitude and abilities every time! Thank you!

Patrick M

Working with Puppy Trainer Jen has been a great experience. She has been working with my puppy Aldo for a couple of months. Aldo absolutely loves Jennifer! He can't contain himself when she comes through the door. I had to leave town when Aldo was only 10 weeks old, and I was super worried about what kind of arrangements to make for him. Thankfully, Jen offers board-and-train services. I felt totally at ease knowing Aldo was in her hands. While I was away, she sent me regular updates about his training and pictures/videos. Aldo was so happy I don't think he wanted to come home! In one-on-one training sessions Jennifer has helped tremendously with curbing some of Aldo's problem behavior, like biting and jumping on the counter. She also has answers to all of my questions, and lots of great recommendations for toys, treats, and other puppy supplies. Aldo has learned a ton in a short span of time, and I've learned a lot too about how to reinforce his good behaviors and redirect his problematic ones.

Andrea G

Puppy Trainer Jen was excellent with my dog at Puppy Kindergarten and private training. She is very knowledgeable and has a solution for any problem.

Mairin M

I have been attending classes in West Hollywood, with Jen for 3 weeks now and my puppy not only loves it, but she's learning so much! I had a private session with Jen and she was sooo helpful and patient. She demonstrated what I should do and gave me tons of advice/hints on training on my own. Definitely recommend!

Billy M

My boyfriend and I went to Puppy Kindergarten for our new puppy, Tate. It was SUCH a wonderful experience. I think throughout the 8 classes, we learned just as much as our puppy did. We were especially happy with trainer Jen, she provided such a friendly and helpful space for everyone... we've been giving her name out to everyone we know. So happy this company exists and I hope they continue to do their thing.

Putchong D

We took Magnus to puppy kindergarten and also worked [privately] with Jennifer Donn. Both were great experiences. Puppy kindergarten helped Magnus socialize with other puppies and Jen was very professional and helpful during the private sessions.

Melanie M

I absolutely have loved my experience. We have been working with Jen and we are SO happy with her. I swear she is the dog whisperer. I trust her completely with our puppy Peter. And he loves her and gets very excited when it's time to train with her. We are taking her 8 week puppy class and doing a package of in-home lessons too. I highly recommend working with Jen!

Timothy F

Jennifer Donn is excellent. In addition to being a great Doggie Kindergarten teacher, she came over to our house for a private lesson last week in a pinch. Our eight month old french bulldog is struggling with "stay" and the front door, which scares us.  Jennifer came over and worked with Stevie in a calm, assertive and professional manner. Can't wait to have her over again in a few weeks.

Lauren I

Griffin is our sweet and energetic 9-month old Golden Retriever. While he's starting to grasp the basics, he can be overenthusiastic and distracted at times. We have previously done a puppy kindergarten course at Karma Dog, and we wanted to fine tune some remaining behaviors, which is why we called Jennifer Donn. Jennifer came to our house, loaded with training recommendations and every manner of dog treat and toy for incentivizing our pup - she was basically the dog equivalent of Mary Poppins (Puppins?). She was very goal oriented and worked with us to identify the 3 things we wanted to accomplish in that session, and took quick action. We went on a walk with Griffin, and she took the lead and demonstrated some techniques for keeping him focused on walks without fixating on other things (people, dogs, smells). We also wanted her opinion on how to get Griffin to potty in our yard rather than saving it for walks, and she recommended we walk him on a leash in our yard, which has had great success. She also gave us a better understanding of how to use some of the tools we learned in his class more effectively (watch me, go to bed, leave it, drop it, etc.). Overall we were very happy with Jennifer's visit, demeanor, and professionalism and felt like we got a lot of value out of the session. She also had great recommendations for treats and toys to keep our pup occupied throughout the day. Griffin has been improving since Jennifer set us up for success. Next stop: Westminster!

Hayley H

Jennifer continues to do great work with our puppy Josie. She's been a handful but each week with our sessions we see improvement in her behavior. We are gaining confidence and skills in being good owners for Josie. After Jennifer assessed the walking situation, our walks are getting better and I now understand its the quality and happy ending that is the most important to impart on Josie -- not the amount of times or time length that constitutes success. We also now have better control over how we manage our living spaces with Josie (reduced jumping, guarding). Her ability to drop and leave it is so much better than it was several weeks ago.We consider ourselves tremendously lucky to have such a dedicated and talented dog trainer helping us guide Josie through puppyhood. Thanks Jennifer!!!

Emmy Y

Puppy Kindergarten with Jen Donn has been such an awesome experience! Every lesson is so clear and easy to follow - and we've had no problem continuing the lessons outside of the classroom as well! Best of all, our pup clearly LOVES learning with Jen and his classmates. We also really appreciated how we're totally comfortable peppering Jen with questions and how responsive she's been, whether it's in person or over email, etc.  Can't recommend this series enough!!

Adrienne N

Had our first in-house training session yesterday and the tools that Jennifer has given us are invaluable. We feel that now we can move forward with confidence to train our 10 week old puppy Josie. She immediately had a positive connection with Josie with basic obedience exercises and i could see how much it impacts the behavior in such a positive way. I think the observations on how to improve our puppy space is also going to help us down the road and anything I had a question on - Jennifer had a solid answer and suggestion for me to use. I signed up for the 3 in-house training sessions and puppy socialization class and am looking forward to our first puppy kindergarten! If the experience is anything like how our in-house training session went -- I know Josie will be benefiting greatly! Thanks you Karma Dog Training and sending us a great trainer in Jennifer to work with!!! I am looking forward to our other in-house training sessions as well!!!

Danielle K

Eloise is almost a Kindergarten graduate and has very much enjoyed her time in class! Jen is an awesome trainer and very knowledgeable about all things puppies. She's given us great tips and takes the time to get to know each dog. Thanks Jen!

Melissa V

Excellent place for your doggie! Little Hazel is a model citizen now. Jennifer Donn is the best! I boarded/trained my puppy with her - best decision I've ever made. Thanks Jen!

Beth K

I can't say enough good things about my experience! My puppy, Scout, and I started with Puppy Kindergarten classes in West Hollywood when she was 10 weeks old, shy, and very hesitant about the world around her. The classes helped her to find her confidence and now she loves socializing with other puppies and dogs. Everyone at the West Hollywood location is amazing. I'd also like to give a HUGE shoutout to Jen for her work with Scout during Board & Train sessions. Jen was a major factor in helping Scout start off on the right foot in learning her manners and getting her anxiety in check. I'm pretty sure Scout enjoys her time with Jen more than me haha!

Jon P

I took my 8 week puppy, Berlin, to Jen's puppy kindergarten class. He started off a super hyper, eager to hump pup with a mouth like a piranha if you had a treat in your hand. I was scared my pup was going to be a humping, biting, menace to society. However with Jens direction and through practice, I can proudly say I get compliments daily on how well behaved Berlin is today. It took a few classes and we still have a ways to go but I can definitely say her classes work! I'm scared to think of where we would be if we didn't have them early on.

Cody Z

Just completed Puppy Kindergarten for our five month old terrier mix, Kona. Jennifer Donn and the whole team were fantastic and taught my wife and I so much about the basics of dog training. Kona had issues with excessive biting and separation anxiety, so we had Jen come to our home for business hours reverse board and train (a.k.a. reverse daycare with training). She also came to my dog friendly office for a private training session. Jen was incredibly patient and kind with Kona -- and us!! As any dog owner knows, training has as much to do with training the owners how to discipline with kindness and consistency. Within five days, Kona still has her sweet disposition and playfulness, but the biting no longer occurs. Jen taught us the best ways to listen to our pup and how to keep her calm when we're at home with her -- and when we have to leave her at home. Kona has made us so happy. Jennifer has given us the tools to keep Kona well-disciplined and happy. Thanks for everything you've done for us!

Cat S

We had such a great experience. As first-time puppy owners, we didn't know where to start. The valuable knowledge and guidance that we got from Jennifer Donn and her staff was an incredible help! Our pup Cyris loved interacting with the other dogs, and learned a lot from the course. Jen was so loving and patient with him, making sure she catered to his specific needs and set him up for success! We would recommend this course to any of our friends!

Jake S


We brought our 9 week old pup to her Puppy Kindergarten class. It was the first time he'd interacted with other dogs, and within minutes she had him feeling comfortable, social, and having a great time! Though we're only through one class, he's already grasping the basics of her lesson (and she generously stayed late to help educate us on food/treats/ways to make sure the pup doesn't form any bad habits). Can't speak highly enough!

Dan H

After a few puppy Kindergarten classes I realized my puppy Oliver could use a few private sessions to work on his excitement around other dogs and Jennifer Donn was such an amazing help! Her energy, passion and excitement to train and teach are so amazing and dogs really respond positively to her, I highly recommend her! She taught me techniques to keep training on my own and I've seen tremendous progress! Thanks again Jen!

Erin W

My puppy, Vinny, just finished his Karma Puppy Kindergarten classes with Jennifer Donn and I'm so happy we did it. Jennifer is full of knowledge and has so much patience with all of the puppies, including those (like mine) who have a lot of energy. Vinny loved her. Vinny also stayed with Jen for a board/train and even though it was only 3 days I saw a significant improvement in his training. I will definitely be using her, again.

Amy R

I almost made the mistake of taking my puppy (Russell) to PetSmart for his puppy training classes! I decided that he deserved the best so I went on yelp and found Karma Dog Training. It was the best decision I've made!

Jennifer Donn was Russell's trainer and she was absolutely amazing! She was very good at explaining and demonstrating all the commands. She also provided a lot of insights that helped us at home with Russell. When we would practice the command of the day during the class, Russell would sometimes get too distracted paying attention to the other dogs in the class, but she would come right in and help us and he would get focused immediately. She has a very special gift with dogs. It also helped that Russell fell in love with her right away! He was always SO excited to go to class every Sunday!

Russell also met one of his best friends in the first few classes he had. They were the perfect match and got along so well. We are already planning to have a play date with him. He made so many friends and got to socialize early on to help him adjust to being around other dogs and knowing when to respect their spaces. The classes only had a few dogs so Jennifer was able to work with every dog on a one on one basis. I have seen the classes they have at pet stores, and there are so many dogs that I'm sure they don't get the same attention as Russell got.

We loved Jennifer as a trainer so much, we decided to leave Russell with her while we went on our trip recently. She asked us for the 3 commands we wanted her to focus on. She would send us daily messages with his progress and lots of pictures. She even took him to the beach and park! When we came back from our trip and got Russell, we could immediately notice the progress he made, which was incredible as we only left him for a week.

I would absolutely recommend every dog owner I know to take their puppies to Karma Dog Training and would highly recommend Jennifer Donn as a puppy trainer!

Oh, I forgot to mention above that she also turned Russell into a frisbee dog!!

We will soon be exploring the next level of training classes that Russell can take to continue his journey to becoming the best trained dog! :)

Eric R

My pup did two weeks of 9-5 training along with the Puppy Kindergarten classes with Jennifer Donn. My experience with both was fantastic and my dog absolutely loves Jennifer.

The classes were the perfect way to teach my puppy the basics and get him socialized with other dogs, and the 1-on-1 training that Jennifer did with him during work hours over the course of 10 days really got my pup into a great place with housebreaking, getting over separation anxiety, general obedience, and got him completely ready to come with me to my office every day.

The whole experience made getting a puppy as a complete novice so much easier than I expected and would recommend it for anyone else. Jennifer was easy to work with, flexible with my working schedule, and taught not just my dog a ton but me as well.

For anyone curious, my dog (an Aussie/Corgi mix who I adopted at 8 weeks) started the classes at 10 weeks old, did the two weeks of 1-on-1 training starting at 12 weeks old, and those timings worked out really well for both. The first two classes he was incredibly shy around the other dogs, and by the end he was playing with everyone. All of the training was based on positive reinforcement and encouraging good behavior which has worked fantastically so far.

Alayne R

I had a wonderful experience with Jennifer Donn and Karma Dog's puppy kindergarten class! It was very important to me to socialize my Shetland Sheepdog, Lucy and Jennifer's class utilizing only positive reinforcement techniques fit the bill perfectly. It was helpful both for training and for teaching appropriate play with other puppies. Jennifer did a great job answering questions I had and normalizing many puppy behaviors. Thanks Jennifer!

Jon H

I can't speak highly enough of puppy kindergarten and our instructor Jennifer Donn. Jennifer has really helped our shy puppy come out of her shell and has been full of great training advice. Every new puppy owner should take puppy kindergarten!

Richard G

There are "polite" five star ratings where you are grading on a curve -- admit it we all give them to Uber/Lyft drivers -- and then there are five star ratings that are true A+'s. Jen is an A++. Our puppy, Clover, has participated in Puppy Kindergarten as well as in-home training with Jennifer Donn.  Jennifer is AMAZING...She has had a tremendous impact on Clover and really taught me to be a better pet parent! Before Jennifer started working with Clover, I would say he was 85% perfect puppy and 15% Cujo. Now, Clover is 99% perfect puppy and 1% rascal. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer to anyone with a new puppy.

Sarah B

Classes with Jennifer have been extremely beneficial for my puppy and me. Giorgio has made a lot of progress in a short amount of time with their firm but kind methods. 100% recommended.

Mary H

Absolutely incredible! I could not be more impressed. I felt Bandit and I were in the best hands at every step and he learned so much from his first puppy class. I can't recommend enough - especially the trainer in action Jennifer. Bandit is (one day after his first leash class) already walking in the great outdoors.

Suzie E

We brought our rescue pup Remy to puppy kindergarten and he (and we) learned so much! It was an awesome opportunity for him to play with pups his own size and age and to learn to socialize. Jennifer Donn was our teacher and she is SUPERB. We even hired her for a personal training at our home to work on leash training. She is so patient and sweet with the pups! Remy has improved so much and now we know what behaviors to reinforce and what not to do as well. Jennifer taught us different techniques to give Remy focused play and smart toys that give him a job to do.  He absolutely LOVES it, and listens better and can focus on learning. He has turned out to be such an amazing pup for us - thanks to Jennifer Donn!

Hayley H

My husband and I adopted our 10-week old husky puppy Josie around the holidays. We were nervous as to how behind she was in puppy training, leash training, and overall socialization so we knew that investing in one on one training was vital. We were connected with Jennifer Donn and we immediately felt at ease with this overwhelming process. In addition to attending the 8-week puppy kindergarten and utilizing the online resource center, Jennifer helped us shape our dog into the most well-trained and loveable girl. The key is the positive reinforcement and patience! Everything else fell into place regardless that she was a little behind. We haven't had a puppy accident, behavioral issues, or anything else come up since we started. Jennifer is also incredibly supportive and has helped us with every question and concern we had. It is worth all of the money and we highly recommend!

Steven S

We recently completed our puppy playschool training and we couldn't be happier with the results.

We brought our puppy at 7 and a half weeks old and proceeded to go through the various lessons for the next 8 weeks. Not only did we learn a ton in regards to training our little guy, but the opportunity for social interaction with other puppies was instrumental in our dogs development.

Jennifer was the lead trainer who was a major help throughout the sessions. She responded to many email inquiries we had and we could tell she had a great grasp of reading our puppy and tailoring the training to fit his needs.

Veronica S

Jennifer is the best. We brought our baby chihuahua mix, Quincy, to the small dog kindergarten and holy cow! Wonderfully organized and calm. She trained myself and my partner just as much as Quincy on how to handle and build a wonderful training relationship with our dog. I have nothing but good things to say. I absolutely recommend both for classes, private training, daycare, whatever. You will have such a rewarding experience and learn so much. Thank you!

Leslie L

My 9 week old puppy loved this experience! She loved socializing with the other dogs and the trainer could not have been more attentive and caring about the puppies. Most amazingly my puppy learned her first command: "Touch"!  And all week she has had great fun--running over to me at the word "Touch"! The Trainers, Jennifer, was extremely attentive to each dog and quickly assessed their personalities and where they needed some additional guidance. I would recommend highly to anyone. You and your dog will have fun and bond even more strongly!

Stacie S

Jennifer is phenomenal. My partner and I adopted a chihuahua mix; it had been some time since I'd trained a dog and my partner had never had a puppy of her own, so we knew we had some learning to do. Jen was so helpful in teaching us how to better interact with our puppy to get the results we want from him. She was very patient, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about what she does. I also really appreciate how much she split training up with social time, as well as how she used social time to help us teach our pups to socialize properly. Because of this, Quincy's first time at the dog park went wonderfully and he is more confident out in the big ol' world than we feel he would have been without all the guided socialization.

Paul H

Ender was 4 months old when he first started working with Jennifer Donn. He's 9.5 months English Golden Retriever. We did the 10-day Business Hours Boot Camp (a.k.a. Daycare with Training), the 7-day puppy program and we are about to start Basic Communication classes. Everywhere I go, people comment on how well behaved Ender is with children and other dogs. The puppy classes were great because they introduced Ender to the proper way to socialize with other dogs and taught me how to reward good behavior and how to handle "rude" behavior. I look forward to continuing Ender's training in Basic Communication.

Joe G

I've been working with Jennifer Donn the entire time I've had my puppy. She gave me everything I needed to help train my young puppy. She has since been there every step of the way, working with me to make sure my puppy is developing as well as he possibly can. She is kind, responsive, really knows what she is doing, and goes the extra mile. I can't imagine somebody I'd rather have work with my dog and I. Because of Jennifer, my puppy is on his way to being a good citizen!

Sophie T

Jennifer is great, very nice and accommodating. She also made me feel comfortable having her in my home and training my two pups (she had one and I had the other) which was nice ! I highly recommend her! My pups learned fast and I liked her sensitive yet forward approach to training.

Paris N

Had the best puppy kindergarten experience/private training session with Jen Donn! It was the perfect way for our puppy to socialize before getting all her vaccinations, and Jen was so helpful and thorough with all our specific puppy concerns.

Ian F

I found Karma Dog Training [and Jennifer Donn] through a simple internet search and decided to consult with them since they were the highest-rated service in the city. I was quickly welcomed to bring in my 10-week-old puppy to a complimentary group training class and get a feel for things before making a financial commitment. We signed up that week and began our puppy training classes with Jen Donn. My puppy took to her immediately and I instantly felt like it was a good fit for him. I intend to have him train as a psychiatric/emotional support service animal and so it was really important that he received a solid training foundation before moving forward into more complex skills. The group classes were an excellent opportunity to help him socialize with other similarly aged and sized puppies, to begin working on important commands and recall, and in linking puppy parents with one another to form more long-lasting relationships once the course series finishes! (my pup continues to play with his best furry friend, who he met in his training class) Adorable, right?


Anyways, the best part of the work we did with Karma Dog Training came with hiring Jen to "reverse board and train" my puppy a few days a week in my home while I began working a new job. Jen would come to my apartment to train and care for him for up to six hours a day while I was out of the house. These training sessions were especially helpful because they allowed him to gain confidence and experience developing new skills in a familiar environment before implementing them in other contexts. I honestly cannot describe how helpful and effective these sessions were for my puppy - I would literally come home to a more-and-more well-behaved puppy each day she spent with him, it was incredible! He has since continued to develop the skill set she initially built up with him, and even at the young age of 5 months, is a remarkably obedient, gentle, eager to please, and trainable puppy. Jen also provided a one-on-one training session with me and my puppy, where she was able to demonstrate skills directly in front of me and correct me as I would then implement them with him in vivo. As someone who learns through observation, the opportunity to watch Jen work with him in her element and receive immediate feedback from her was invaluable.


As a person, Jen is extremely kind, knowledgeable, experienced, trustworthy, reliable, communicative, and understanding. While the idea of allowing a relative stranger into your home to care for your pet/child is somewhat discomforting, I wholeheartedly entrusted Jen with my living space and most cherished furry possession. She was always extremely professional and kept me "in the loop" throughout the entire day she spent with him. She also took the time to leave detailed notes highlighting additional training tips and areas requiring more practice. I still reference the notes she left and they've proven helpful in fortifying skills for which additional practice has been warranted. She was not only understanding when I had to cancel an appointment last-minute due to a medical emergency, but also flexible in moving around her own schedule to coordinate a make-up session for that same week. Jen is simply an awesome dog trainer and I cannot recommend her highly enough! I definitely recommend working with Jen - she won't disappoint!

Jason E

We've done both the Puppy Kindergarten and the Board and Train for our 4 month old Australian Shepherd puppy, and we loved both! Our trainer, Jennifer Donn, is so knowledgeable and gives us a sense of comfort and calm during the training -- she's been training our behaviors just as much as Scout, and it's been much appreciated! And leaving Scout with Jen for 4 straight days of puppy Board and Train was a complete game-changer. Scout was a completely different puppy when we picked her up, can't recommend Jennifer enough!

Michelle M

Our Puppy Daisy Mae was enrolled in puppy Kindergarten and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a new puppy. Our puppy got a lot of benefit from the socialization and us humans learned a lot about the do's and don'ts when training a new puppy! Our teacher was Jennifer Donn and she was great! She is very knowledgeable and also really loves our puppy. We also hired Jen to do reverse board and train in our home when we went away for a few days and it was very beneficial. We came home to a puppy that was better behaved and was jumping less and had some new commands. I would definitely recommend Jennifer Donn as a trainer for group classes and private training.

Alana B

Jen is the best! She's been extremely accommodating in terms of scheduling flexible classes (even remote video sessions), and thoughtfully grouping the puppies based on size and play styles. Our pup has learned so much through the puppy Kindergarten classes. Thanks, Jen!

Jennifer Donn, CPDT-KA


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