Meet Puppy Trainer Jen

Jennifer Donn, CPDT-KA is a progressive and positive reinforcement dog trainer who practices the most ethical, effective, and scientific dog training methods in order to foster harmonious relationships between people and their pets. She is accredited by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), adheres to the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) protocol, and is endorsed by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB), meaning you and your pups will not only adore her, but will also reap the benefits of a safe and fun training experience.

Jen trains dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments in a variety of obedience and behavioral objectives, so she is poised to help you and your pup reach any training goal. Her extensive knowledge and skills in dog training cover everything from potty training, basic commands, leash walking, and tricks, to treating separation anxiety, preparing dogs for lives of service, and beyond. She also stands out in her unique ability to educate owners on the important elements of pet communication and reasoning; in doing so, she ensures humans can harness their dog’s motivations to achieve and maintain their desired training results. Expect training with Jen to include a comprehensive break-down of your dog's learning principles, verbal and visual demonstrations, guided practice sessions, and of course, lots of educational play. 


With her talent for training, her passion for both pet and human wellness, and her friendly professionalism, training with Puppy Trainer Jen is always a fun, first-class experience. 

Training Method

Puppy Trainer Jen always utilizes the most humane, ethical, scientific, and effective dog training method around. By its most common name, you may recognize this method as positive reinforcement training, though it is just as often referred to by any number of the following terms: clicker training, game-based training, reward-based training, science-based training, force-free training, fear-free training, and Jen's favorite: progressive reinforcement training.

Please see Emily Larlham's description of Progressive Reinforcement Training below. To read the complete manifesto, which goes into more detail about the principles and how to apply them, click here.


Progressive Reinforcement Training is a way of teaching, which furthers an evolutionary progress toward a more compassionate relationship between humans and animals. A commitment to Progressive Reinforcement Training means strictly following all of the below principles not just in training sessions but during 100% of the time spent with the animal.

The Principles

1) Teaching and reinforcing desirable behaviors so they will be more likely to occur in the future.
2) Preventing and interrupting undesirable behaviors without the intentional use of physical or psychological intimidation.
3) Taking the learner’s physical and emotional wellbeing into account.
4) Continuing to educate oneself with the goal of employing humane, effective training based on the latest scientific evidence.

Jen's training methodology is also influenced by trainers such as: Ian Dunbar, Karen Pryor, Victoria Stilwell, and Patricia McConnell, to name a few. 


Sophia S

Our trainer Jen Donn is THE ABSOLUTE BEST (we had her throughout Puppy Kindergarten and private training classes as well). She is warm, caring, amazingly good at what she does and a total puppy guru. She went absolutely above and beyond and I cannot recommend her enough. "Louie" connected with her immediately and it has been wonderful to see his progress with all of Jen's tips and tricks. She cares so much about dogs and we will forever be grateful to her for everything she has done for us and our puppy!!!

Sara M

"We've had such a lovely experience with Jennifer Donn. She has boundless energy and patience for the puppies. I've never seen anything like it. Always clear, kind, professional with a sunny disposition. Super knowledgeable and thoughtful. We LOVE Jen - we've already recommended her to friends who have been just as happy as we are. Jen is definitely the go to dog trainer. I'm telling everyone!"

Alex S

"Jennifer Donn is the trainer to be working with. She knows what she is doing and has trained our little guy to be such a star! We cannot say enough good things about Jen."


Jennifer Donn, CPDT-KA


(408) 607-7642

Los Angeles, California

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