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Puppy Trainer Jen has partnered with Karma Dog Training to provide Puppy Kindergarten in West Hollywood, California. This is a trainer-lead series of group classes designed to build confidence in young puppies (under 6 months old) through safe socialization, appropriate play interactions, and positive reinforcement training. Each 60 minute class includes off-leash playtime and obedience instruction in one of eight rotating, weekly lessons: sit, down, stay, come, place, leave it, watch me, and loose leash walking. Enrollment is ongoing, so start anytime!

Puppy Kindergarten prioritizes safety and is designed exclusively for puppies six months and under. The floor is sanitized with Top Performance 256 disinfectant, which is the same disinfectant veterinarians use to disinfect their clinics. In going beyond the Veterinarian guidelines in order to keep things safe, we also take the time to sanitize the bottom of each client's shoes upon entering the classroom to avoid bringing in anything yucky from outside. 

Full vaccinations are not required, but puppies must have a minimum of one round. Vaccination records will be checked prior to participation. Additionally, puppies are grouped by weight to ensure proper play match-ups. 

Journal of The American Animal Hospital Association

Please read the results of the Journal of The American Animal Hospital Association study which concluded that puppies vaccinated at least once prior to starting puppy classes were at no more risk than vaccinated puppies who did not attend class. 

The Importance of Early Socialization

The Pet Professional Guild

Please read what Dr. Ian Dunbar, Veterinarian and Animal Behavior PhD tells us about the "extreme urgency" when it comes to safely socializing your puppy just after they come home during the critical period of social development.

The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior

Please read what the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) say is the proper time to socialize a puppy and what the possible adverse and unwanted secondary effects could be in delaying the process. 





Go to Your Place

Leave It/Watch Me

Loose Leash Walking: Basics

Loose Leash Walking: Practical

Bonus Class


Puppies are assigned to times based on size and weight. If your puppy grows throughout the series, you may be instructed to attend class at a different time. It is prohibited to switch between class times without the instructor's prior approval.

Lessons repeat on a rotating cycle, every eight weeks, in the order listed (left).

9:30 AM


11 AM


12:30 PM


Mr. Speck's Playhouse


567 S Fairfax Ave

Los Angeles, California​ 90036


Regular Rate


Rescue Rate

Makeup Classes

Puppies may participate in a total of two makeup classes. Missed makeup classes will be counted as one makeup. If more than two classes are missed during the puppy class cycle, the remainder of classes (after two) will be forfeited, without refund.  

Refresher Class

In addition to the makeup classes, you are also allowed one refresher class. This means you may repeat any one lesson, for any reason. Refresher classes may not be substituted for makeups. 


ALL makeup and refresher classes must be scheduled in advance, and completed within 16 weeks of your initial Puppy Kindergarten class.

6 foot leash



edible bone

water bowl


fanny pack

Do not bring:

retractable or metal leashes

 metal or prong collars

electronic collars

I am intersted in:




Makeup Policy

What to Bring


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