Boarding with Training

Boarding with Training takes place in the trainer's home. Throughout the program, puppies receive full-time (24 hours a day), immersive training that includes any or all of (but not limited to) the following: basic commands, leash walking, proper etiquette, safe socialization, potty training, chew training, and light separation anxiety training. Puppies are well cared for and receive regular meals, fresh water, naptime, and quality playtime. For peace of mind, owners receive nightly "pupdates" and photos, and are always welcome to check in for more. At pickup, owners are debriefed and given instructions to maintain progress. As an additional bonus, puppies who complete seven or more days receive a free private lesson. Please note that space is limited - advanced booking is highly recommended!

Boarding with Training is a program for owners going on vacation, or who simply need a vacation from their pup (everyone has been there)! It is also suitable for owners who are uncomfortable with the trainer living and training in their home.


Boarding with Training is safe for puppies who are not fully vaccinated, as I use the same disinfectant in my home that veterinarians use in their clinics. My private, fenced backyard is where puppies play and potty. Furthermore, I always take great care to follow owner's specific care instructions. 


Please keep in mind that while Boarding with Training is an effective protocol for basic command training, leash walking, and socialization, it is not the best protocol for working on separation anxiety, potty training, and other contextual behaviors (i.e. biting furniture, etc). For these behaviors, the Reverse Boarding with Training program is ideal, since puppies learn best in their own environment.


*Only puppies currently enrolled in Puppy Kindergarten are eligible for discounted packages of seven or more days. Please note that these rates do not include the price of Puppy Kindergarten, which can be purchased separately. 

Dogs older than six months are only eligible for single day rates.

Puppies not currently enrolled in Puppy Kindergarten must pay an additional $199 fee for programs consisting of five or more days.  











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