Reverse Boarding with Training

Reverse Boarding with Training is a program for owners going on vacation, where the trainer lives and trains at your house. Dogs receive full-time (24 hours a day), immersive training that includes any or all of (but not limited to) the following: basic commands, leash walking, proper etiquette, safe socialization, potty training, chew training, and separation anxiety training. Dogs are well cared for and receive regular meals, fresh water, naptime, and quality playtime. Because the trainer is housesitting, your plants will be watered, your mail will be collected, and your garbage cans will be brought in and/or out. For peace of mind, owners receive nightly "pupdates" and photos, and are always welcome to check in for more. Upon return, owners are debriefed and given instructions to maintain progress. Please note that space is limited - advanced booking is highly recommended!


Reverse Boarding with Training is safe for puppies who are not fully vaccinated. I only allow puppies to play, potty, walk where the owner deems appropriate. Furthermore, I always take great care to follow owner's specific care instructions.


Reverse Boarding with Training is an effective protocol for command training, leash walking, socialization, separation anxiety, potty training, owner-specified goals, and contextual behaviors (i.e. biting furniture, etc).



Single Day

Per 24 Hours

Jennifer Donn, CPDT-KA


(408) 607-7642

Los Angeles, California

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